1900-1919 Images

1909 Formal Gown


1909 formal gown

This dress was designed with the 1909 fashion aesthetics: very tall willowy figure with a marked waist sash. This style is the transition from the over-endowed Gibson Girl to the waistless silhouette shapes of the next 4 years. The silk is very sturdy and fortunately is unweighted (weighted silks tend to disintegrate prematurely and lasts the years only with extreme care). I do not see any shattering at all with this thin and elegant material. Read more…

Ca. 1910 Photo of a Young Woman in a Suit


I just love this circa 1910 photo of a young woman in a suit with her new puppies. The mother dog is lying down, and the the little pups are nursing. The girl has a picnic basket at her feet, and you can make out an automobile with a crankshaft on the front in the background. Isn’t that a great expression on the young lady’s face? Love her hat, too. Note the hatpin stuck through the crown. Read more…