I got the following email from a customer yesterday:

Am I just not seeing a waistline marking on this pattern? I know I will have to shorten this blouse because I am 5’1″ and always have to shorten everything, but I don’t see any “lengthen or shorten here” marks on this pattern to use as a starting point for making adjustments.

Thanks in advance for tips and help.

Here’s my reply:

This is one of those “what?!” moments when a customer points out something missing that has gone unremarked for years! You are right; the lengthen-shorten lines are missing!

I’ve made an image to show you where to add them and will also add a note to the site. The line goes about two inches below the side seam notch on the blouse front and back.

I’m short-waisted and actually do not have to adjust the pattern at all–I just set the pleats so they hit where needed to define my waistline.

I hope this helps, and for finding a real “oops,” you’ve earned a $15 gift certificate! 😄

Warm regards,
Jennie Chancey

So, without further ado, here’s that image for those of you who already have this pattern:

Romantic Blouse Correction

Next time this pattern is printed, the lines will be in place, but this should help the rest of you. I never cease to be amazed at what can go unremarked and unseen for such a long stretch of years. This is why I LOVE customer feedback. Never hesitate to drop a line if you think you’ve found an “Oops,” because I reward those who help me correct errors!

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