’m delighted to be a sponsor of “Designin’ December” this year, because it hits a theme I hold close to my #slowfashion heart: “Why buy it if you can make it yourself?” Find something to inspire you online (my Vintage Images, Pinterest, anywhere), then make it and show us how you did it (use an already existing pattern, design one yourself, etc.). It can be super simple or complicated; historically inspired or modern. It’s up to you! I hope you’ll consider participating in this giant sew-a-long show and tell. Let’s see what you can make!

What’s your inspiration?  There are many out there.  I was googling “designer fashion” and as usual got side-tracked.  I’ve collected some styles here and on my Pinterest board, “DESIGNER FASHION” here.  Let me show you what I found from way back.

Check out the full guidelines (and the PRIZES) over on the NiceDressThanksIMadeIt blog!

2 comments on “Get ready for “Designin’ December!””

  1. Thank you for the “mention”! This is my happiest time of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes! I thank you very much for your Prize Donation too!

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