There’s a marvelous antiques shop about 15 miles from our home in South Africa that just brims with treasures. Upstairs is an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage clothing and accessories, and, every now and again, I find a new-to-me magazine or pattern book. Well, I hit the proverbial jackpot this week, as the proprietress had just added a stack of 1930s-1950s magazines with gorgeous full-color covers, detailed seasonal fashion plates, knitting patterns, embroidery instructions and so much more. I scooped up the lot and have been scanning madly so I can share them with you!

Today I’m pleased to announce four vintage magazine eBooks you can purchase and download immediately.

Four 1930s Magazines

Click the links below to go to the detailed listing and order page for each magazine:

For a limited time (over the holidays), I’m offering my readers a sampling from all four magazines. You’ll get the cover image for each, plus three sample pages to give you a taste of what’s inside each eBook. Click the image below to download:

Free Magazine Samples

A blessed Christmas and very Happy 2017 to you all!

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