The second batch of Kangas in the “>Esty shop sold out, but the next batch will go up around the end of April, so be sure to bookmark us!

Kanga (CAHN-ga) cloths provide a lot of the beautiful color of East Africa and also preserve a unique cultural heritage. They are used to make tunics and skirts, baby slings, head scarves, hand bags, shawls, tablecloths, and more. You also see Kangas hung on the wall inside a house like works of art, made into pillows and blankets, and even decorating the outdoors while flapping gorgeously on clotheslines.

Included with each purchase is a history of the Kanga and a “Kanga Patterns” PDF with a gridded wrap skirt pattern, plus instructions for an A-line, side-zip skirt:


Wrap Skirt

A-line Skirt

Note that there are two types of Kangas available at three different price levels:

  • Cotton-poly Kangas (80/20 blend of a weight similar to American muslin) for $19.95
  • Thick 100% cotton Kangas (the highest quality and similar to a linen-cotton blend) for $24.95

Each double Kanga measures 44″ wide by 112″ long, so you get two full panels joined in the center. Each panel contains a Swahili “jina” or saying. You’ll receive a PDF with the English translation of the phrase on your Kanga (these are also shown in the listings on Etsy).

With clever cutting, you can also make adorable girls’ dresses that use the border for fantastic sleeves and hemlines:


Girls' 1950s-style shirt dress

Pattern coming soon!


All proceeds from the sale of these Kangas go to fund the Forever Grace Sewing Guild, which partners with Hosanna Revival Church in Nairobi’s Kibera slum to provide work for widows, single mothers, and other needy women. The ladies who work with Forever Grace receive free instruction in pattern cutting, sewing, and marketing. They are treated as independent contractors and are able to work from home on their own time schedules (no sweat shops!).

The first sewing class!

Over time, we hope to help these ladies develop a line of clothing with a marketing plan for in-country sales and export to the US and other markets. Thanks for helping to launch Forever Grace and enable these ladies to care for their own children while working from home. Be sure to follow Sense & Sensibility Patterns on Facebook, as we’ll post photographs from the sewing guild from time to time and showcase the work these ladies are doing!

Ladies walking in their Kangas

The Kangas will be listed over the course of the week (ending Saturday) to give more people a chance to get one (they sold out in less than five hours last time!).

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  1. Oh those Kangas are beautiful!! I’ve pinned and “liked” and “favorited” on Etsy…and hope to purchase one or two as our income allows! God bless your endeavors in Kenya, and may He keep you safe as well.

  2. Georgeous fabrics! I love the color combinations. I went to the Etsy site and perhaps I overlooked the dimentions of the cloth. Can somebody please let me know how long and how wide they are ?

  3. Will you be doing any more shipments? The Kanga I wanted was sold before I could get it. I *love* the saying on the A-line skirt!!! (A good marriage comes from God.)

    • Hi, Audrey! Yes, we have plans to send more of these back to the States in the future (next trunk should go in March). I’ll be glad to take color requests, too, so feel free to post those here!

      • I would absolutely LOVE to purchase the fabric shown as the wrap skirt… GORGEOUS!!! I was so excited when I saw these, but I waited too long! What a thrilling project. It must be so much fun to teach these beautiful ladies to sew!

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say what a wonderful thing you’re doing for a good cause!!! I’ll be keeping this venture in my prayers for these women in Kenya. God bless!

  5. These are beautiful, and what a wonderful way of helping the women.
    I was too late to purchase one this time, but I’ll be watching for next time. 🙂

  6. I just found your blog. How wonderful to be an example of scripture. When will your next sale of kangas be? I would love a chance to be notified and purchase a few. Thank you so much. God Bless

    • Hi, Melissa! I have a huge batch of Kangas back home in the States now, so I hope to get them online for sale in the next couple of weeks. I’ll announce on my Facebook page and through my eNewsletter when the sale starts. Be prepared to jump, because these sell out quite fast! Thank you for your interest in the sewing guild! We just had another class today and enjoyed using the new Singer treadle that was a gift from an American supporter. 🙂

  7. hI Jennie,
    Very nice report on pice of East african culture….
    Do you still have khanga to supply???
    Very best regards

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