jane-austenThis year is a very special one for those of us who love not only historical fashion but also all things Jane Austen. 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, and this year’s tour (September 13-21) is chock-full of Austen delights.

Beginning in Bath at the opening of the Jane Austen Festival, we’ll enjoy a costumed promenade and a Regency ball in addition to touring the Museum of Costume, Roman Baths & Pump Room. There will be opportunities to explore the Bath that Jane knew when she lived there, and from Bath we’ll move on to Winchester, which was Jane’s last residence during her final illness. We’ll pay our respects at her tomb in Winchester Cathedral and experience the charms of one of the best cities in the UK for antiquing.

Before heading to London, we’ll take a day to see Jane’s wonderful cottage home in Chawton and enjoy lunch at Cassandra’s Cup, a cafe’ named for Jane’s beloved sister. Also on the schedule is a visit to Chawton House, the home of Jane’s brother, Edward, which now houses an amazing library of first editions and boasts a beautiful garden as well.



In London, we’ll explore historical fashion collections at the Museum of London and the Victoria & Albert Museum, but we’ll also take in the delights of Kensington Palace (now London home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and Buckingham Palace, besides enjoying free time in this marvelous city.

I opened up the tour last week to my waiting list, but this week I’m throwing it open to the general public. There are only six slots left, so if you’d like to come, please drop me a line quickly to secure a place! We look forward to a great group and fantastic journey around the English countryside together!

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  1. This is soooo exciting, Jennie! I can’t wait to see all the exquisite costume collections again, especially since the Victoria & Albert Museum recently redid their fashion exhibit, or so I hear. And I think it’s amazing that Kensington Palace just put up an exhibition containing many of Queen Victoria’s gown, including nothing other than her wedding dress! Hopefully it will still be on display by the time we arrive. Thanks for leading this incredible tour!

    • I’m so honored, Alicia Joy! I think there are a lot of bloggers out there who do a far superior job (and post a lot more often!), but I really do appreciate the thought. So glad you find S&S inspiring!

      Mrs. C.

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