The images on this page are examples pulled from my collection of my 1940's vintage patterns, magazines and photos. I do love to draw inspiration for my designs from the real things! Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images.

[Note: Feel free to download these images for your own personal enjoyment. If you wish to share them on a website, please download and save them to your own server and provide a credit line or link back to this site. None of the images or patterns here are for sale. Thank you!]

Here are two wonderful "swing" era patterns. The one on the left is a Hollywood pattern and features a fitted midriff belt with back ties, a V-neckline created by the crossover bodice and softly gathered shoulder yokes. The pattern on the left is by Vogue--very classy with its princess lines and back skirt panel (just right for dancing).

Here is a young Lauren Bacall, right at the start of her climb to fame. She has such a lovely personality, and her clothing--even now--is so classy.

This is a nice, tailored jacket pattern from the early to mid-1940s. I admire the clean lines and feminine fit.

A trio of beautiful leading ladies from the 1940s, looking so glamorous. Left to right: Gene Tierney looks smashing in her evening gown with cape and matching gloves; Veronica Lake (known for her trademark hairstyle) shows off a softly-draped evening gown; Myrna Loy looks cool and chic in her street dress with contrasting pockets.

What a change a year can make! Shirley Temple goes from "toddler" clothes in the 1940 publicity shot at left to the cleanly tailored, young lady look of 1941. Vive' la Difference! I love the crispness of the outfit on the right and just wish we had a full-length view to see what the skirt is like.

Fifteen-year-old Shirley Temple sits on the diving board behind her home in 1943. Her cute playdress features a white collar and a slightly flared skirt, and note her "grown-up" shoes. (Image courtesy of Rita Dubas and 20th Century-Fox.)

This is a page of Fall fashions from Woman's Day Magazine, 1946. Note the color samples the ladies are showing off. At this point, fashion still hasn't moved away from the fabric-conserving lines of WWII, but skirts are a bit longer, and you can see a move toward the emphasized hipline on the model at left.

Here is a late 1940s "wrap" dress. You can see how the style is starting to edge into the 1950s with the emphasis on wider shoulders and hips.

Above left: Here are my father's glamourous parents, right in the middle of the "swing" era and all dressed up for a Hollywood party. My grandmother was a knock-out, wasn't she? Wish we could see her entire dress. She was known for her beautiful taste in fashion. Above right: Here are my grandparents in 1947, shortly after my father was born.

These are my grandparents, holding my mother (on the right) and her sister in the late 1940s.

Wedding DayWedding Day

These are my grandparents, Reichardt and Elizabeth Taylor, on their wedding day in 1944. As was common with many young women in the 1930s and '40s, my grandmother wore a nice suitdress for her wedding, including a matching hat with veil.

1940's Outfits
Flattering day dresses from the mid-1940s. Note the details of the gathered shoulder seams and scallops on the dress on the left.

The ruffled, casual look of the country girl--even down to the braids the model on the left is wearing!
1940's Country Outfits

1940's Ladies Outfits 
The dress on the right looks just right for an afternoon shopping. The one on the right has the "college girl" look.

It is easy to see the beginnings of 1950s styling in this 1948 pattern by McCall's. The skirts are fuller, and the focus is on the waist. This is especially noticeable on the dress with the diagonal stripes emphasizing the hourglass shape.
1948 McCall's

1940's Suits 
These suits are beautifully tailored and very appropriate for Fall and Winter wear.

The dress on the right would be appropriate to wear to an afternoon party or wedding. The one on the left is suited for shopping or a day at the office.
1940's Dresses 

1940's Day Dresses 
Smart dresses for day wear.

I especially like the short-sleeved version of this 1940s suit.
1940's Suits 

1940's Pocket Dresses 
These pretty dresses feature neat pocket detailing.

Two cute variations on the sailor theme! These are from the mid-to-late 1940s.
1940's Sailors 

1940's Blouses 
Here are four mid-1940s blouses, suitable for day wear.

I love this sharp dress with the buttons down the side!
1940's Button Dress 

1940's Suit 
A crisp Hollywood pattern for a fitted jacket with matching skirt or slacks.

A neat dress with pleated skirt, circa 1945.
1940's Pleated Dress 

1940's School Dress
A teen dress from the late 1940s for school.

1940's Dress
That famous tailored 1940's look. 

I love this pattern for a fitted suit.
1940's Suit 

1940's Blouses
Crisp blouses from 1945. Note the hairstyles on the models. 

Here is a great pattern for a lady's playsuit or dress.
1940's Playsuit 

1940's Blouse with Skirt
This is a wonderful teen look. It reminds me a lot of Shirley Temple's clothing from her teen films.

A teenager's dress, circa 1944.
1940's Teen Dress 

1940's Mexican Flavored Dress
Another teen dress--this one with a bit of a "south-of-the-border" flavor to it.

Vogue Patterns has brought out its "new" line of "Vintage Vogue" patterns--reprints from the archives that are absolutely fabulous. If you want to make your own, here is the place to go! Be sure to visit the Vogue Patterns Website to see more from this wonderful collection. Please note that I cannot make and sell outfits from these patterns, since Vogue has stipulated that restriction on the patterns--they may not be made for resale. But you're certainly welcome to try them out yourself! (Images copyright Vogue Patterns 1999)

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