The images on this page are examples pulled from my collection of my 1930's vintage patterns and catalogues. I do love to draw inspiration for my designs from the real things! Click on the thumbnails to see the the full-sized images.

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The slim, willowy look of this dress is pure 1930s,
but you'll notice that the skirt flares a bit and is not as long
as earlier skirts from this decade. We're heading into the 1940s "swing" era now!

This 1938 pattern is for a day dress with a gored skirt, tailored bodice and puffed sleeves. Note the collar and pretty long-sleeved option.

Here is a trio of wonderful leading ladies from the 1930s. The 1930s "look" is so distinctive--particularly in films. Left to right: Myrna Loy in a large ruffled-collar dress; Joan Crawford in a very early 1930s publicity shot (note that the gown still has a lot of 1920s style elements with its straight lines and loose fit); Greta Garbo in an oh-so-1930s dress with lots of crisp organza ruffles.

Here is a lovely, slim daydress pattern.
Isn't the collar a wonderful contrast to the straight lines of the skirt?

I adore Shirley Temple and have collected Shirley memorabilia since I was 14. Watching her films is a treat--even more so if you are a vintage fashion afficianado. It is truly fun to see how women wore the designs of the 1930s, and Shirley's clothing is always tops. If I am ever blessed with a little girl, you can bet I'll be copying Shirley's outfits for her! Below are several shots taken as promotionals for Shirley's films, her fashions or for products she endorsed (like Quaker Puffed Wheat). Also included is a McCall's pattern spread. The images below are courtesy of Rita Dubas, publisher of the delightful Shirley Temple Collectors News. Rita has a wonderful Shirley site full of photos and other neat items from her own collection. Don't miss it! I will add more fashion photos of Shirley from my own collection as I have time. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)

The photo with Shirley posing as a flower girl shows those ruffly early 1930s designs. Look at all the frou-frou on the wedding gown and bridesmaid gown! Shirley's mother designed and made Shirley's gown for this photo shoot. At the far right is a profile shot of Shirley wearing the same dress.

Here is a scrap from my own collection, showing Shirley on the set of "Just Around the Corner." What I love about children's fashions of the 1930s are the crisply tailored lines and delightful design details. Notice Shirley's ruffled pinafore that isn't "fussy" and the ribbon bows on the bodice front.

This is a wonderful 1930s pattern--very Shirley-esque--for girls' dresses.
I love the tailored look of this era.

This is a sharp-looking pattern from 1938. Note the long, slimming lines and the slight emphasis given the bustline by the gathers underneath.

This is a beautiful hand-colored photograph of a young woman dressed up for a special occasion (wedding? dance? tea?). The overdress looks like organdy or silk georgette, and her sleeves flutter in the breeze. Her ornament of choice is a big bunch of flowers pinned at the waist. This is probably from the early 1930s, since her hairstyle still reflects the late 1920s to early 1930s "boy" cut. Looks like she had fun!

1930's Tucked Dress PatternA slim afternoon dress with tucked bodice and stitched-down pleats.

For some reason, I think of a Frank Capra heroine when I look at this pattern.
It looks just like one of his "office" gals from "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" or another great 1930s film.
1930s Ruffled Dress

1930's Double-Breasted Dress PatternA wonderful double-breasted everyday dress from the late 1930s.
Very crisply tailored.

A set of vests and dickies from the early to mid-1930s. These are so very chic--I picture Ginger Rogers when she's not on the dance floor.1930s Vests

1930's Dress PatternChic and sleek 1930's pattern for an everyday dress.
Would be lovely in flowing rayon or challis--or crisply elegant in lined organdy or silk organza.

A pair of slim 1930's skirts.1930s Skirt Pattern

1930's DressesTotally glamorous 1930's day dresses.

This evening gown would be stunning in a floaty, filmy chiffon.1930s Pattern

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