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The images on this page are pulled from my collection (except where noted) of early 1900-1919 vintage patterns, catalogues and photos. I do love to draw inspiration for my designs from the real things. Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images. (Note: The images are in order by date, so scroll the whole page to find new images in each section.)

[Note: Feel free to download these images for your own personal enjoyment. If you wish to share them on a website, please download and save them to your own server and provide a credit line or link back to this site. None of the images or patterns here are for sale. Thank you!]


I love the hat on this model from the cover of a 1910 issue of McCall's. Also note the transparent bodice lace with gold trim. Simply scrumptious!

Here are three lovely pages from the National Cloak and Suit Company's 1910 catalogue. The details on these outfits are dizzying. All of the inset lace, braided trims and minute pleats and tucks are amazing. I love the nicely-proportioned models and their Gibson-esque faces.

Here are two ads for patterns from a 1910 magazine. The first is a girl's daydress; the second is for "combinations" (underdrawers and corset cover).

Here are three ads for Pictorial Review patterns from a 1910 ladies' magazine. I love the slimming lines and attention to details. Note the embroidery and tucks.

This is a lovely ad for Flaxon white goods (fabric) from 1910. Love the hat and all the whitework on the dress!

This is a lovely photograph of four friends posing in their everyday outfits. The gal standing at the back right has on a white lawn dress with tucks and is wearing a locket around her neck. The two ladies in front have on the plain, slimmer skirts of the early 1910s, but their "waists" (blouses) still show the "pouter pigeon" bosom silhouette that had yet to go out of style. Note the neat details on the skirt fronts--the triangular closure on the left-hand skirt and the tucks on the one at the right.

Actress Billie Burke

This is actress Billie Burke in 1910. Most of us remember her as "Glinda," the Good Witch in the 1939 production of "The Wizard of Oz." But Billie was a well-loved stage actress long before she earned acclaim on the screen. I love this sweet portrait of her in her lovely gown, holding a large bouquet of flowers.

1910 Illus.This is an illustration from a story that appeared in a 1910 issue of Collier's Magazine. Note the neo-Empire lines of the lady's dress, with the raised waistline and sash. The hairstyle is even reminiscent of the Regency period.

I love finding images of period hairstyles! All four of these came from the same issue of The People's Home Journal of 1910. The article which accompanied the photos noted that coronets of braids were back in fashion, as were "high Josephine curls" a la' the French Empire (English Regency). If you didn't have masses of hair, the article recommended some good sources for "tails," or human hair pieces matched to the wearer's hair color!

Three pages of Ladies' Hats from a 1910 catalogue. Note the fantastic plumes and varying brim widths.

1910 Hats1910 Hats

UnderpinningsIllustration of women's underpinnings from the same 1910 catalogue.
Note in particular the "mono-bosom" brassieres in the upper left and right corners.

Illustration of two girls in day dresses from the 1910 catalogue.Girls in Dresses

Lace DressesIllustration of girls in "lingerie dresses" from the 1910 catalogue.

Here is an illustration of two ladies in afternoon frocks from a 1910 issue of The Lady's Magazine.
Note the extra wide hat crowns, made especially to accomodate the "Gibson Girl" hairstyles of the period.
1910 Frocks

Circa 1908-1912 photo of five ladies seated on a bench. The gal on the left has her coat on her lap.Five Friends

Girl with DogsI just love this circa 1910 photo of a young woman with her new puppies. The mother dog is lying down, and the the little pups are nursing. The girl has a picnic basket at her feet, and you can make out an automobile with a crankshaft on the front in the background. Isn't that a great expression on the young lady's face? Love her hat, too.

Here's a lovely 1910 ad for a silk scarf. These are popular again, thanks to the film, "Titanic." A wonderful accessory to make a comeback.1910 Scarf Ad

White Plumed Hat Circa 1910 photo of a woman in a furry plumed hat, carrying her gigantic fur muff and stole.

These images all come from the September 1911 issue of the Parisian magazine La Mode and depict the "cutting edge" fashions of the day from Paris. Note the neo-Empire styles and the use of neckline fichus reminiscent of the Regency era. At the bottom left you'll also see a pattern with instructions. These are large images, so give them time to load after you click on them!

Here is a group of images from the March 1912 issue of La Mode. I love the full-color centerfold of fashions! Note the children's fashions at the bottom right as well. These are large images, so give them time to load after you click on them!

These images come from the May 1912 issue of La Mode, which included a pattern for a lady's coat. There is also a cover for the 1912 issue. These are large images, so give them time to load after you click on them!

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