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The images on this page are pulled from my collection (except where noted) of early 1900-1919 vintage patterns, catalogues and photos. I do love to draw inspiration for my designs from the real things. Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images. (Note: The images are in order by date, so scroll the whole page to find new images in each section.)

[Note: Feel free to download these images for your own personal enjoyment. If you wish to share them on a website, please download and save them to your own server and provide a credit line or link back to this site. None of the images or patterns here are for sale. Thank you!]

This is a darling pattern for a toddler girl's dress, circa 1915. Note the embroidery and feminine detailing.

Woman's Dress PatternWoman's dress pattern, circa 1915. Unfortunately, the pattern envelope has torn,
making it difficult to see some of the wonderful details of this lovely day dress.

This is the Winderwheedle family around 1915. My great-grandmother, Phoebe Winderwheedle, is the one in the center--the only one with a light-colored skirt! Phoebe was an incredible seamstress who made all her own clothes. She had red hair and loved to be different. I love this picture.

Woman's Waist PatternWoman's waist (blouse) pattern, circa 1915.

Illustration of three girls in fancy lace dresses from a 1915 catalogue.Girls in Dresses

Here is a cute 19-teens photo of five friends. The belted waists and skirted blouses on three of the gowns lead me to believe this was taken around 1915-16. What fun!Five Friends Embrace


1916 Pictorial Review

This pattern is from Pictorial Review's 1916 line. You can see more examples of this style in the catalogue scans below. Interesting how fashion went from pencil-thin to full and blousy in just three years!

Young Girl's DressesIllustration of young girls in everyday dresses from a 1916 catalogue.

I love this pattern for a lady's dress from the mid-to-late-teens. The detailing is so exquisitely feminine, and the fit is flattering without being uncomfortable. I can't wait to make one for myself! Courtesy of the Gullickson Collection

These images all come from the same fantastic 1916 catalogue. I love the color illustrations. I personally think fashions from 1916-1918 look a little "plump" and emphasize areas of the figure I would rather not notice (my hips!), but I still enjoy looking at images from the time period.

Weinstock Catalogue PageHere is a page from the Weistock, Lubin & Company's 1915-1916
Winter catalogue. These dresses look slightly slimmer than the ones above,
but you can see the change even from 1913-1914.

1916 Pictorial Review

A cute daydress from a 1917 Winter catalogue. Note the interesting top-knot hairstyle on the model!

This photo is labeled "Alverta Watson Byland." This lady is also pictured in the photo below, about ten or fifteen years later.
I believe this photo was taken around 1906.
Alverta Byland

Alverta Byland, circa 1918.Here is Alverta again. Doesn't she have a wistful expression?

Earl & Pearl

These are my great-grandparents, Earl and Pearl Ethell, in 1917 when they were newly engaged.

Here are three pages from a beautifully illustrated 1917 catalogue for menswear. The women's clothing in the pictures is lovely, too!

1917 Catalogue Cover1917 Catalogue Page1917 Catalogue Page

Both of these ads come from the same 1918 issue of The People's Home Journal. Although the dresses offered were produced for different catalogue companies, they share many of the same features. Note the sheer sleeves as well as the bodice and skirt shapes.

Here are some of the featured patterns for the same 1918 issue of The People's Home Journal. Patterns for waists are at the top left, while gowns and skirts are featured at right. Note the topknot hairstyles!

Picture from a 1919 catalogue of a woman in a white dress.Woman's Dress Photo

Daydress Pattern
A lovely pattern for a daydress, circa 1918-1920.
Could be modified to open on both sides for nursing moms.

Photograph of a young woman in her graduation dress, circa 1917.Graduation Dress

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