22. Thomas Washington Ethell was born on 8 Oct 1801 in Loudoun County, Virginia. (45) He appeared on the census in 1830 in Fauquier County, Virginia. (48) He died on 9 Apr 1887 in Noble County, Ohio.(65)

He was married to Sarah Sheid (daughter of Sheid and Rebecca Kilgour) on 25 Aug 1824 in Loudoun County, Virginia (elopement). (66) Sarah Sheid was born on 4 Feb 1810 in Virginia.(45) (67) She died on 16 Jan 1875 in Fauquier County, Virginia. (45)(68) Thomas Washington Ethell and Sarah Sheid had the following children:

child+43 i. Rebecca Ethell.
child+44 ii. Elizabeth Ethell.
child+45 iii. Mary Ethell.
child+46 iv. Thomas Washington Ethell, Jr.
child+47 v. George Ethell.
child48 vi. Martina Ethell was born on 18 Jul 1838.(69)
child49 vii. Orlando Ethell was born on 11 Apr 1840.(70) He died on 30 Dec 1840.(71)
child+50 viii. Amanda Ethell.
child+51 ix. Orlando Ethell.
child+52 x. Angeline Ethell.
child+53 xi. William Ethell.
child+54 xii. Benjamin Ethell.
child55 xiii. John Ethell was born on 15 May 1854.(72) He died on 18 Jul 1870 in Renrock, Ohio. (73) He was buried on 18 Jul 1870 in Renrock, Ohio. (74)

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