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Wednesday in Greenwich

Admiring Jema's work as her portfolio pages go 'round the room...

Our entire group got up early to head to beautiful Greenwich for our day there. Most of us wore full Regency ensembles and took pictures against various period backdrops, including the famous Colonnade at the Royal Naval College (used in numerous costume dramas, including the recent “Little Dorrit,” where it served as the “Cirumlocution Office”).

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Back in the USA!

The beautiful courtyard garden at the Fan Museum in Greenwich...

Well, we are here in New York, a little bleary eyed, as it is 3:45 a.m. by our body clocks! We should be home tomorrow evening if all goes well. Give me a couple of days to get over jet lag and get the rest of the pictures from Lindsay, and I’ll blog about the rest of the trip. It was peachy!

The beautiful courtyard garden at the Fan Museum in Greenwich...

The beautiful courtyard garden at the Fan Museum in Greenwich…

Dress-up Day at Kensington Palace…

...and buttons them up.

As I mentioned in my last post, Cathy Hay brought a surprise show-and-tell outfit with her to share with the ladies. When she opened her large suitcase and pulled it out, Cassie began fanning herself like she was about to swoon! Turns out she’d been following Cathy’s live journal of the recreation of this stunning outfit, and when Cathy asked for a volunteer model, Cassie immediately waved her hand enthusiastically. Because she was also very close to the same height and build as Cathy, it was a perfect match!

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Tuesday Morning at Kensington Palace

Detail of back of sleeve...

We woke up to a very rainy, soggy day in London town on Tuesday. Fortunately, our plans were all indoors with Kensington Palace and the Museum of London, so the ladies grabbed their umbrellas and headed out. I’d walked so much the day before that I stayed in for the morning. All these lovely photos are from Lindsay.

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What the well-dressed matron will be wearing in Bath tomorrow…

Blue and white check

We had a lovely journey from London to Bath, although our coach driver encountered more than the usual traffic, putting us here about two hours late. That’s okay — we’re in one piece, and we’ve all been fed and are checked into our darling guest house! I promise to post pictures of the rest of our time in London soon.

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A peek at Tuesday…

Another view of the garden, which was dormant when I was here in March...

Well, our day in Greenwich yesterday was so full that we just came back and collapsed, sleeping in this morning. So I obviously didn’t do any blogging. I did manage to go through photos with Lindsay, but she hasn’t had a chance to convert them from “raw” format to JPEG, so you’ll just have to wait to see all the yummy pictures from Kensington Palace and the Museum of London! However, I did snap a few things with my own little camera, so here is a taste just to hold you over…

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Monday Museum Madness!

Close-up view of the tabs...

We had an absolutely wonderful morning at the Victoria & Albert Museum, right here in South Kensington. We had a bit of trouble finding my friend, costumier Suzi Clarke, as we came in from the tube tunnel rather than Cromwell Road, so we took a little side detour into the sculpture gallery. Once we managed to find Suzi, we immediately launched into the costuming-focused displays.

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Sunday’s Refreshment

Two scones, clotted cream, strawberry preserves, and Darjeeling - yummy!

We thought about heading back uphill towards the National Portrait Gallery, but the call of Fortnum & Mason just across the street lured us in for tea time and delighted browsing. If you’ve never heard of the famous F&M, then you are really missing one of London’s high points. This is the most elegant, refined department store around, complete with richly detailed wood paneling, crystal chandeliers, mirrored elevators, and seven theme restaurants. Not to be missed!

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