April 6, 2017 Jennie Chancey

We’ll be taking a breather this year and next…

Gown on display at Lord Byron's home, Newstead Abbey Hello, patient readers!

It has been a long time since I’ve caught up the blog. Six months have already passed since the 2016 tour, and I still haven’t posted about that wonderful trip or shared photos outside of social media. My (I hope very good) excuse is that I’m expecting a baby this month, and I was deep in the worst of the morning sickness right after that trip. 😉 Once I came out of that fog, I dived back into pattern work and have been at it steadily since (new pattern coming in May if all goes as planned!).

I promise to share our wonderful week together as soon as I’ve uploaded photos and welcomed a new little one into the world. We did have a marvelous group (I truly believe we have the best tour group members!), and we thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring Cheshire, Yorkshire, Nottingham, Haworth, Warwick, and Bath.

One of our costumed lovelies framed in a nook at Newstead Abbey

One of our costumed lovelies framed in a nook at Newstead Abbey

And now for news about future tours. We are on hiatus this year (2017) and next for a variety of reasons, including a new baby and various scheduling/travel conflicts amongst the group leaders. We will be working on a bang-up new tour for 2019, and I’ll be sharing as plans come together. Taking a two-year break is bittersweet (we do love our trips!), but I know we’ll come back together with something really special in 2019. We always love to receive your suggestions and requests, so feel free to drop a line if you have any wish list items. We’ve got some new things we’d like to do as well, but, as always, we hope to include the favorites that never change from year to year, like ending at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath!

Thanks again for your patience, and I hope to be in touch again soon!

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