September 20, 2010 Jennie Chancey

Beautiful Bath…

Folks watching the dancing...

I turned on the weather forecast Friday night after someone in our hotel mentioned “frost,” and there I found predictions for chilly weather, intermittent rain, and wind. We always pray for good weather, especially for the days we’ll be outdoors, so we sure did pray this time! We awoke Saturday morning to a slight overcast haze but no frost and no rain. So far, so good! Some of us had still been sewing the night before to complete bonnets and accessories, but we all managed to be at the coach pick-up point on time and ready to go. Above you see the group of us staying at Rudloe. We were ready for our day!

Thirty minutes after joining the rest of our group on the coach, we arrived in Bath. We drove in an hour early to give people the chance to wander around a bit and see things before the Grand Costumed Promenade. Dozens and dozens of costumed participants began to trickle in as we walked around. Before long, the entire Abbey churchyard was crammed with ladies and gents ready to walk up to the Crescent! During this time, the sun came out in full and began to warm everything up for a perfect day in Bath. Here is a little photo journal of the Promenade:

Part of our group walking through the churchyard to the Pump Room…

Ladies entering the Pump Room

My mother with my youngest daughter, waiting for the Promenade…

Some of our ladies at the front of the Pump Room.

It’s almost time to start!

Isn’t she adorable? Expectant Regency mama in a maternity pelisse!

Looking back along the column as we march up toward the Crescent…

Jenny and Karen look splendid!

Here I am with my girls, all decked out for Bath…

Stephanie and Nancy pause on the way for a quick snap…

We’ve arrived at the Royal Crescent!

A dance demonstation by Steps in Time — and this year they have a boy!

Folks watching the dancing…

So many beautiful outfits to admire!

This gent was willing to pose for us in his Naval uniform…

Don’t Carol and Elisabeth look amazing?

Dawn just radiates authenticity. I love, love, love her ensemble!

I couldn’t resist begging a shot of the back of this gal’s Spencer. Such beautiful lines!

After the Promenade, we all walked back down to the city center for lunch. A few of us ran back to the coach to grab things we couldn’t carry during our walk, then divided up to eat. I had the amazing joy of meeting a friend I haven’t seen in 15 years for lunch in Bath. She and I happened to be in England at the same time and found out through Facebook! It was really great to catch up and see how the years have treated us. 🙂 I spent the rest of the afternoon just window shopping with my girls, looking in on several favorite spots (Cath Kidston, anyone?), and, of course, snapping lots of photos of flowers and other lovelies in the gorgeous sunshine.

Five o’clock rolled around to find us back at the coach and ready to head “home” for the night. It was a simply amazing day–from the weather to all the costumes and everything in between. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! I thought it was just ideal, especially with such great company to be had! After arriving back at our hotel, I asked at the desk if Box Hill was within walking distance. The chap at the desk informed me it was a “goodish stretch” up the road and to the right. So three other ladies and I set out with my two oldest daughters, determined to find Emma Woodhouse’s beautiful Box Hill. Well, I can tell you it was more than a “goodish stretch!” We went at least two miles before coming to a view that looked like Box Hill…but we weren’t sure, so we walked a bit further and stopped to ask a couple where Box Hill might be. They smiled and said, “You’re standing on it!” So we ran back to photograph the view with us in it!

From this vantage point, you can see all the way to Bath…

Two sisters and a friend enjoying Box Hill…

These two benches were placed here by the Great Western Railway, which built a tunnel through Box Hill–the longest tunnel in the UK.

Here I am with my daughter on Box Hill — in Emma land!

All in all, it was a fantastic Saturday. Sunday we checked out of our B&Bs and headed to Lacock Village for the afternoon before pushing on to London. I’ll write about that soon!

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  1. Tiffany Keller

    You look like you had an amazing time! I wish I could have been there with you! God Bless!

  2. ohh! That looks so fun, Box Hill! Wow…. 😀
    Thanks for sharing…always nice to read what you are up to on the tour.
    You ladies all look lovely…very Regency.
    Jennie, your little girls are so cute.

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