September 18, 2010 Jennie Chancey

Saturday Preview

Gathered as a group at the end of the day...and we still look fabulous--LOL!

Well, readers, it has been an absolutely stellar day in Bath. We are all done in from a day of walking, so I am going to turn in early. But I’ll share a couple of photos to give you a taste of things to come!

Loaded up on the coach, dressed for the promenade, and ready for Bath!

Gathered as a group at the end of the day…and we still look fabulous–LOL!

I’ll share more tomorrow. Suffice it to say, we got utterly gorgeous weather (despite forecasts for frost and drizzles), and we all enjoyed the delights of the golden city of Bath. Until later, good night!

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Jennie Chancey I launched Sense & Sensibility Patterns in 1998 with my original Regency Gown pattern. I never dreamed I'd one day have over two dozen patterns on the market and would be leading tours yearly in the UK! Enjoy my blog, and let me know if you'd like to travel with us!

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!! You ladies all look lovely, thanks so much for doing up dates about the trip… I so wish I could have gone, will you be hosting another event like this again next year?

  2. Hi, Brielle!

    We do hope to continue offering these tours. All depends on our family’s schedule, but I’ll post here if we have a 2011 tour! If you’d like to be on my waiting list/information list, drop me a line through my contact form on the main site. Thanks!

  3. Jabev

    What a lovely photo of the lot of you, all decked out for your Bath stroll. Even a wee one and the little girl who modeled for the pink dress. What a pleasure to see you all together in this photo. Hope you have a fabulous time for the duration of your journey.

    Probably should avoid 2012, due to the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration plus William’s wedding…..

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