March 3, 2008 Jennie Chancey

Long time, no post!

I’ve managed to let months slip by without posting the final days of our 2007 trip. I promise to bug Lindsay for the Saturday pictures so I can finish up! It is fun to look back and remember the trip highlights. My dear husband will be stopping through London on his way back from Africa later this month, and he plans to hit some of the same sights we enjoyed, including the British Museum! Fun!


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Jennie Chancey I launched Sense & Sensibility Patterns in 1998 with my original Regency Gown pattern. I never dreamed I'd one day have over two dozen patterns on the market and would be leading tours yearly in the UK! Enjoy my blog, and let me know if you'd like to travel with us!

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  1. Anonymous

    Great! I, for one, am looking forward to hearing “the rest of the story” :).Krista:)

  2. Kerrie

    I’ve been peeking in periodically too! Will you be posting pictures of Matt’s travels as well? That would rock! 😉

  3. Jennie Chancey

    Hi, Kerrie! He actually didn’t remember to take the camera with him this time! 🙁 It’s a quick one-day stopover in London, so he’s going to cram in as many things as he can — including a candlelight concert in Westminster Abbey! 😀

  4. Nikki

    I check in peridically as well just to see if you have posted anything new. Can’t wait to see whats left of the trip.Nikki

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