To England again!

parliament2My amazing husband has had to travel quite a bit this year, both internationally and around the States. I’ve not minded and have always been delighted to see his photographs and hear stories from places as diverse as Sudan and Scotland! But Matt felt that he needed to repay me by sending me back over to England to see my friends there and take a few days enjoying the sights. At first, I protested. I could not imagine going overseas alone! But Matt urged me to take the trip and said I could ask Melissa’s younger sister, Lindsay–also a dear friend–to go along! Well, I put that thought on a back burner, but I still didn’t see this trip happening. It was a lovely thought, but I still had apprehensions.

Yet when ticket prices dropped to an unheard of low, I decided to pounce. Travelzoo is wonderful! Prices were so low, in fact, that Lindsay’s younger sister, Sarah, could also come along! We’re going to be able to stay with a fellow costumier in London and see my friend Sarah (who brought the lovely picnic to St. James’s Park last fall!). Then we got an unexpected bonus. Two of my long-time pattern customers and costume aficionados will be in London at the same time! We will be able to spend several evenings together, gabbing about sewing and patterns and sipping English tea. So exciting!

I don’t think I’ll do any “live blogging” this trip, but I’ll certainly post pictures when we return. We’ll be there for just five days, since I still have a hard time imagining going away from home without all my little folks! Lindsay, Sarah, and I are breaking in our walking shoes, since we plan to see the sights in London mainly on foot (we’re praying for dry weather!). We’ll also be able to take the train into the Cotswolds to see their ancestral home and zip through Kent to Dover another day. We’re looking forward to this special trip!

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