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Jennie Chancey I launched Sense & Sensibility Patterns in 1998 with my original Regency Gown pattern. I never dreamed I'd one day have over two dozen patterns on the market and would be leading tours yearly in the UK! Enjoy my blog, and let me know if you'd like to travel with us!

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  1. MrsSM

    It’s so much fun to hear of your travels! Traveling on the “M” sounds like the New York Thruway:)! Can’t wait for the next “installment”.Oh, just had to ask–were the red toile skirts from a pattern or RTW?Krista:)

  2. Heather

    Mrs. Chancey,Thank you so much for sharing your trip. I am loving every post. It is making me quite envious! My darling hopes to take me to England for an anniversary trip soon!Love, Heather

  3. Jennie Chancey

    Hello, Krista! I made my red toile skirt myself from a pattern I invented on the fly. Miss Melissa’s skirt is from a Simplicity pattern (one of their “It’s So Easy” designs that are sold on the revolving racks). She says it might be discontinued. It’s one of her favorite patterns. Hope this helps!

  4. Catherine M.

    Hello Mrs. Chancey! I love seeing your photos and hearing about your trip!I had a question about your and Melissa’s dresses–they look like the wrap dress from the new pattern. Is that what you used to make them?Thanks so much!

  5. Nienke

    Your trip sounds absolutely perfect! I wish I had a husband to take me to England.. Can’t wait to read your post about Derbyshire! ^^

  6. Elissa

    Thanks from me too, Mrs. Chancey, for sharing your trip with us! I love your and Melissa’s dresses!! I want one just like it. As soon as I get the cross-bodice pattern I hope to make one. I am quite enviouse of your trip to Jane’s house, it sounds so lovely! Well I better get off the computer and tend to my work. :/Elissa

  7. Leigh

    You look like you are having such a wonderful time!! I have a question for you, where did you and Melissa get your walking shoes? The ones you are wearing with your skirts? I have been looking and looking for ones just like those.I was wondering about your skirts as well, thanks to Krista for asking :)Take care,Leigh

  8. Lynda

    Jennie,Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you! *sigh* I am absolutely dying with envy! :)~ Lynda

  9. Jennie Chancey

    Hello, all!Yes, we made our gowns from the new wrap-front pattern. Melissa did pleats, and I did gathers. I used the darted elbow-length sleeves, and Melissa used the long sleeves but took them in to make them more fitted. We are really enjoying these dresses. They are so comfy!As for our shoes. those came from Rack Room. I don’t know if they have them online, but I got mine locally when they were having a half-price sale. They do take some breaking in, but they are very nice shoes!Thanks, everyone, for the fun remarks!Warmly,Jennie

  10. Katie

    Wow!! I’ve always wanted to go to England some day! It looks absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated and sharing your trip with us.I am interested in knowing how Melissa did her hair (when she was dancing with the men).I definitly want the pattern for your wrap-front dress. I love the way it looks!God bless,Katie(pressingon)

  11. Miss Easter

    Mrs. Chancey,Such very superior dancing is not often seen!Jane Austen’s home, sigh.And stonehenge!Your trip must have been truly amazing!

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