September 17, 2006 Jennie Chancey

“I am for Bath!”

We had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday, wending our way to Chawton and Winchester and finally arriving in Bath around 8pm. We went out for a late supper around 9:30, leaving me no time to edit pictures or blog before bed. But I promise a nice, long, juicy post later this evening! Today we are going to church in Bradford on Avon, about six miles from here. Sarah (from London) has cousins in Bradford who attend an evangelical church there (for those a bit in the dark about such terms, this basically means non-Anglican — they would have been “dissenters” back in the day and most closely resemble our Reformed Baptists in the US). We look forward to worshiping and fellowshiping!

But just to give you a little taste, here are some pictures from yesterday’s adventures:

Shopping for English muslin at MacCulloch & Wallis.
What? You don’t shop for fabric in full Regency dress? Why ever not?

Oh, by the by, all of these pictures are clickable. I apologize for the non-clickable pictures in Friday’s post, but Blogspot was giving me fits and not allowing photos in my post, so I had to squish them all and upload them to my site to get them to work. When I have time, I’ll go back and add the larger versions, making them clickable. Oh, and, um… Melissa and I didn’t set out to dress alike again. That was a total fluke. We got asked all day if we were twins. I am completely flattered…!

Here I am with Melissa in front of Miss Austen’s house in Chawton. I can’t wait to tell you about our visit! It was quite wonderful, and Miss Melissa had an especially exciting time! (Sorry, you’ll just have to suffer until I can explain. 😉

This is the side entrance to Jane’s house. Isn’t it a picture? The roses had that true, rich, rosy smell our American hybrids lack. The whole garden is gorgeous.

Here I am with my Mr. Knightley (and Bingley and Darcy and Wentworth all rolled into one!). We stand beside the front door, next to the bricked-in window.

Melissa took this shot of Bath’s cathedral last night on our way to supper. Slightly blurry–sorry, we were hurrying along!

Well, I must prepare to leave for church. I hope to be back at the keyboard later tonight with lots of stories to share! Right now, the sun is streaming down in golden glory and the birds are singing their hearts out in the garden outside the window as we sit atop a hill overlooking Bath from Leighton House. Someone pinch me!

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Jennie Chancey

I launched Sense & Sensibility Patterns in 1998 with my original Regency Gown pattern. I never dreamed I’d one day have over two dozen patterns on the market and would be leading tours yearly in the UK! Enjoy my blog, and let me know if you’d like to travel with us!

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  1. Mrs. Varney

    Wow! What an amazing trip so far! To visit Jane Austen’s house and visit Bath, to walk the streets of London and see Big Ben, to travel the countryside of England – Okay, I’m drooling here. 🙂 It sounds (and looks) like you all are having a fantastic time. I am eagerly awaiting the stories from yesterday. I’ll keep checking all day! (sorry about removing the other one, it was the same, I’m still computer illiterate. :-))

  2. Miss C.

    The picture of you and your husband is so sweet! It looks like you are all having a wonderful time.Many blessings!

  3. sarah

    Hi guys!Wow! Sounds beautiful! be sure to take lots of pics. Everyone here is great, although we miss ya’ll. Have fun!Much love,Lindsay, Sarah, John Nathan, Alex, Thomas, Belle and Felicity

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this Jennie. I am so glad that your husband put the link on his blog. I enjoy visiting LAF and Sense and Sensability. Your story, “Jennie B and the Pilot”, touched my daughter and I. Thank you for all that you do to help promote the beauty of Godly Womanhood and being a Keeper at Home.And thank you for this lovely blog! I look forward to reading more posts from you now and again. Blessings,Laura Dumais

  5. Malina

    Jennie, we just barely missed each other. My husband, girls and I were in Brighton and Bath (Liverpool and London) September 14th to the 23rd. We’ll have to exchange pictures, we took over 1000 but that also included the continuation of our trip to Scotland and Ireland. We just got home Monday so I am still washing clothes and getting the house in order. I am so happy that you were able to go too. This was my first time in England but we are saving every penny to go back in 1 year and stay in Bath. We stayed in a flat in Brighton this time. Brighton was BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Wasn’t Bath a dream? Did you see the Roman Baths? Amazing! Cheers,Malina

  6. Miss Easter

    (I linked from Ladies Against Feminism…to your husband’s blog…to yours!)I am offically hyperventilating. Austen’s England – is there any felicity in the world greater?Thank you so much for posting your pictures, of which I’m devouring!(The dresses are too perfect! Mine should be done by Christmas!)

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