September 15, 2010

Up with the Birds…

I woke to birdsong outside the window and just couldn’t stay abed, so I quickly got ready and headed downstairs to shoot some early morning photos of our surroundings. A little backstory first: We were all originally slated to stay in Lacock Village together at two B&Bs. Sadly, one of the B&B owners was diagnosed four weeks ago with cancer and has had to close her inn while undergoing chemotherapy. (Keep Kay in your thoughts and prayers if you would.) Losing that lovely place meant a bit of a scramble to find lodgings for 11 of us very close to the tour date. Suzi and I called and emailed and called some more, and we were most fortunate to find that Rudloe House Hotel (just across the way from Box Hill, can you believe it?) had rooms enough for all of us. So we are ensconced six miles from Lacock Village near the village of Box. It means a bit more of a shuffle for our coach driver, but we’re just glad this all worked out on such late notice!

Rudloe is a Victorian house atop a hill, overlooking the surrounding countryside. As we drove up last night, the sun was blazing through, giving us an unmatched sky with pink clouds. I wish I’d had my camera out! This morning I made my way down front to greet the day, and here’s a little walking tour before we head to Berrington Hall!

After exiting the side door, I round the corner to see the ivy-covered walls of the front of the mansion.

There in the distance is the view, as the sun burns off the morning fog...

Let's head down the gravel path through the front gate...

Ah, the sun is coming through!


Now let's turn 'round and head back up the path to the house... a doll's house!

Looks like the sun will greet us soon...

Here you can see the architecture and the corner "Tower Room."

Hydrangeas by the door -- my favorites!

Well, I’m off to breakfast now and then to Berrington Hall in Hereford. It promises to be a marvelous day, and I’ll be sure to share the details later! Cheerio!