May 1, 2007

Pictures of the Front Garden in Spring!

Well, I finally got the camera and have taken a few shots of my front garden. I’m so excited that the things I planted last year actually didn’t die! I was afraid the roses wouldn’t fare well with the cold snap we had in early April, but they came through it unscathed and are blooming beautifully. Above is a picture of my front door (one of the hanging baskets came down when the tornadoes went through our state, but we’ll get it back up one of these days!). I was really surprised to see the snap dragons come back this year–and grow so TALL!

I absolutely love roses and never thought I could actually grow them in the clay-sand soil mixture we have here. But they seem to love it, as you can see:
And here are some of my tea roses:

So, do any of my friends in England feel I am getting at all close to my coveted “English cottage garden?” I’ve just put in three hydrangea bushes, and I’ll have to photograph those as they get larger — ditto the red rose bushes that are just blooming away at the other end of the garden in front!

Mom, are you surprised? I never imagined myself as a gardener, but I sure am enjoying walking in your footsteps!