September 17, 2006

Saturday Recap

September 17, 2006

"I am for Bath!"

We had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday, wending our way to Chawton and Winchester and finally arriving in Bath around 8pm. We went out for a late supper around 9:30, leaving me no time to edit pictures or blog before bed. But I promise a nice, long, juicy post later this evening! Today we are […]

September 15, 2006

A Sunny Day in Londontown…

It’s 10pm as I begin writing this, and what a wonderful 12 hours we have had! Our visit in London has gone beyond our expectations and left us completely satisfied (though very tired!). Let me start at the beginning and take you on a virtual tour: Getting up this morning wasn’t easy, as jet lag […]

September 14, 2006

In merry old England!

We are here! Our flight to London was uneventful, but we weren’t sure we’d get on it at first. The gate agent at Dulles airport said we did not have the babies on our tickets and simply could not board without adding them. Word to the wise: Don’t let Travelocity do your booking for you! […]

September 14, 2006

Sitting at Dulles airport…

The babies did beautifully on their first plane ride, sleeping or cooing happily the whole time. Hurrah! Now if they can manage that for a six-hour flight to London…. It’s rainy and cold here in Sterling, VA, with thick overcast. The ride down through the clouds was a bit bumpy, but we had a perfectly […]

September 14, 2006

Sitting in Atlanta airport…

According to current guidelines, we were supposed to be here three hours prior to our flight (which is at 6am). Well, the ticket check-in counter doesn’t open until 4:30am, so here we sit. Sometimes you just have to wonder if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. We drove through thick fog […]

September 2, 2006

What a wonderful anniversary surprise!

My incredible, gallant husband surprised me in June on our tenth anniversary by announcing he‘d be taking me to England this year! The last time I went I was sixteen and spent most of my time in Uppingham, a little village in central England. It was charming, and I did get to visit some castles […]

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