Nov 04


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Finally! I’ve got the last of the pictures in the gallery. Hope you enjoy seeing our last day in wonderful England! Click below to access the album:


And I can’t resist sharing a photo to demonstrate how our trip to England has already influenced some changes here at home. They are simple but have really made a fun difference in our house! First, I painted our front door a deep, rich blue. Then, I had my dear husband hang two baskets that I filled with flowers. Finally, I planted some shrub roses (which you can’t see here). I took this picture shortly after this was completed; I’ll have to take a more recent one so you can see the flowers in the height of their glory! Little bits of England cling to us still….

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  1. From greenthumb:

    Oh, the green, that green!! The most beautiful color on earth to me. And why England is referred to as “that green and pleasant land”.I’m glad I came by to see if you added anything.Your husband looks very dapper, too!Lisa G.

    Posted on November 8, 2006 at 1:34 pm #

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