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1910s Tea Gown Pattern

By Jennie Chancey

Tea Gown close-up

This pattern was inspired by “Titanic” and follows the styles of 1911-1913 with its multi-layered skirt and kimono-style bodice.

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Katrina’s Stunning 1910s Tea Gown

By Jennie Chancey


I loved using the tea gown pattern, and after years of admiring the design, I finally decided to cut it out (using some of my favorite fabrics) when my mother and I were watching “Pride & Prejudice” one afternoon.  The ivory silk shantung had a lovely satin finish on the back which I used on the […]

Marlene’s 1910s Tea Gowns

By Jennie Chancey


Here are two of my latest creations–gowns created from Mrs. Chancey’s lovely pattern! Being as I’ve been in an ‘Edwardian Fashion Craze’ for the last couple of months, I decided to buy the pattern and make the dress for a yearly dance we have at my parish. The dress I wore is the yellow-colored one–my […]

Emily’s Ethereal Wedding Gown

By Jennie Chancey


Dear Mrs Chancey, Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns! Enclosed are photographs of my wedding gown, made with the Titanic Tea Gown pattern, and my sister’s Maid of Honour dress, made with the Elegant Lady’s Closet Wrap Dress. I have always loved Regency fashions as well as those of the early 1900’s. When […]

1910s Tea Gown Class

By Jennie Chancey

Tea Gown close-up

This class is six lessons long and is for those who already have a good bit of sewing experience. If you are at an intermediate level (or have completed the Regency Gown Class), you will be able to tackle the Tea Gown. This pattern requires more careful fitting, and if you make the full dress in all its glory, you'll be creating multiple skirt layers and working with more difficult fabrics, like chiffon or silk.

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Sisters’ 1914 Afternoon Dresses

By Jennie Chancey


These are the 1914 tea gowns we made for our tea party last spring. I ordered your pattern when I was about 16 (nearly 4 years ago!) to make a ‘for fun’ dress. When our friends set up a tea party last year, we decided to pull out some special fabric we had stashed away […]

Cheri’s 1910s Tea Gown

By Jennie Chancey


After loaning out some of my Edwardian clothing to a friend who was going to a tea, I needed something to wear. And so, I completed the dress yesterday night at promptly 12am! I still have the sashes to finish, but since time was running out, I just tied the darker pink in a knot. […]

Lori’s 1910s Tea Gown

By Jennie Chancey


Dear Jennie: Thanks for your wonderful website and beautiful patterns. Last year I purchased the l9l0’s Tea Gown pattern to make a dress for my son’s wedding. After many drafts and trials on bodice pieces, I completed the gown you see in the pictures. Your kind and prompt help by e-mail was invaluable! I appreciated […]

Jen’s 1910s Tea Gown

By Jennie Chancey


It has been a while since I ordered the 1910s Tea Gown from you, but I’ve been steadily working on it since the spring and thought I might share the finished product with you. This dress was a great learning challenge for me in a couple respects. I dyed fabric for the first time, using […]

Caroline’s 1910s Tea Gown

By Jennie Chancey


Caroline created her Tea Gown to wear to a wedding. She writes, Once more I’m sharing my joy with you. It’s done! It’s not perfect, but it’s done. I ended up putting rosettes on the sash in a Dior style–three roses together. Instead of a straight piece, I used a football shape and folded it […]

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