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Lisa’s Regency Crossover Dress

By Jennie Chancey


I wore my summer crossover gown to work Wednesday, and my friend kindly took some pictures of me outside. I was surprised when I saw the front view at how modern looking it is – I suppose the fact that I made it shorter has something to do with that, but I didn’t expect it. […]

Girl’s Regency Dress

By Jennie Chancey


I made a beautiful dress for my daughter off your pattern, but still have not gotten around to making mine (though I’m hoping to soon). We have old-time Grange dances here, so I thought it would be really cute to make us matching ones. I made this dress in honor of my daughter’s weaning. She […]

Ceri’s Regency Ballgown

By Jennie Chancey


I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures of my Regency ball gown that a friend and I made way back in September ’05. I chose a satin for the undergown/lining. The over dress is made from a voile from Ikea. I wore the dress to a Hornblower convention in October held in Portsmouth, UK […]

Little Girl’s Regency Dress

By Jennie Chancey


We had so much fun making this dress! Faith actually helped even though she is only two and a half! She aided me in the pinning, and in some of the hand sewing. She felt so big and helpful…she just beamed! I think she has a real ownership of that dress. We made many fun […]

Carol’s Regency and Romantic Dresses

By Jennie Chancey


I just wanted to show you the latest dress I finished for Olivia using the Regency pattern. I made it early in the spring for another project, but didn’t get around to finishing it because the girl I wanted to send it to, was no longer living there! So I saved it for Olivia and […]

Heidi’s Regency Crossover Gown

By Jennie Chancey


This is a Regency dress that I just finished. I used the Sense and Sensibility pattern as a base, and created a crossover bodice. The fabric is a lavender silk chiffon over a white silk habotai. On the back seams I did a some beading. It really makes the back more interesting. This is my […]

Kate’s Marianne Dashwood Gown

By Jennie Chancey


I ordered your Regency Gown pattern some months back to make myself a Marianne Dashwood costume for Halloween. (Big Jane Austen fan here!) I really love the pattern and was extremely satisfied with my results! The only major alteration I made when using the pattern was to drop the neckline lower. I added some adornments, […]

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