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Heidi’s Regency Crossover Gown

By Jennie Chancey


This is a Regency dress that I just finished. I used the Sense and Sensibility pattern as a base, and created a crossover bodice. The fabric is a lavender silk chiffon over a white silk habotai. On the back seams I did a some beading. It really makes the back more interesting. This is my […]

Kate’s Marianne Dashwood Gown

By Jennie Chancey


I ordered your Regency Gown pattern some months back to make myself a Marianne Dashwood costume for Halloween. (Big Jane Austen fan here!) I really love the pattern and was extremely satisfied with my results! The only major alteration I made when using the pattern was to drop the neckline lower. I added some adornments, […]

Girls’ Regency Ensembles

By Jennie Chancey


I am sending pictures of a few of the dresses I have made for my girls using your pattern. I have also made oodles of pantaloons and have even used that pattern to make jammy pants for my son. We all have had such fun with our dresses and have worn one of them almost […]

Regency Ballgown

By Jennie Chancey

Amelia Regency Dress

Hi there! I purchased your Regency Gown pattern in late 2005. This year my daughter went to the Austen Evening in a beautiful gown I made from your pattern. We are very very happy with the result and will direct others to your site. ~ Regina M. This is a sweet, charming ballgown. Doesn’t her […]

Bonnie’s Regency Day Gown & Chemisette

By Jennie Chancey

1 - front view

Hello! It’s been a looong time coming, but I’d like to comment on my first Regency gown ever, made from your pattern, in a turkey red paisley. I had made the gown and worn it for our Regency afternoon gathering last October, but since I am such a procrastinator, I didn’t have enough time to […]

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