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Emily’s Regency Graduation Dress

By Jennie Chancey


(This image copyright Graham Photography 2005) This young lady made her Regency graduation dress with overdress. The two photos on the far right in the center row show the underdress; the rest include the overdress with ribbon trim. The three pictures on the third row show the detailing of the underdress. Stunning ensemble! I ordered […]

Michelle’s Velvet Regency Gown

By Jennie Chancey 117

I made my Regency gown from some stretch crushed velvet that I had found at a garage sale. Because of the stretchiness of the fabric, I simply sewed the seams, and then serged them all – which eliminated the need for snipping curves, and reduced alot of bulk where the gathers are in the back […]

Lisa’s Regency Crossover Dress

By Jennie Chancey


I wore my summer crossover gown to work Wednesday, and my friend kindly took some pictures of me outside. I was surprised when I saw the front view at how modern looking it is – I suppose the fact that I made it shorter has something to do with that, but I didn’t expect it. […]

Girl’s Regency Dress

By Jennie Chancey


I made a beautiful dress for my daughter off your pattern, but still have not gotten around to making mine (though I’m hoping to soon). We have old-time Grange dances here, so I thought it would be really cute to make us matching ones. I made this dress in honor of my daughter’s weaning. She […]

Ceri’s Regency Ballgown

By Jennie Chancey


I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures of my Regency ball gown that a friend and I made way back in September ’05. I chose a satin for the undergown/lining. The over dress is made from a voile from Ikea. I wore the dress to a Hornblower convention in October held in Portsmouth, UK […]

Little Girl’s Regency Dress

By Jennie Chancey


We had so much fun making this dress! Faith actually helped even though she is only two and a half! She aided me in the pinning, and in some of the hand sewing. She felt so big and helpful…she just beamed! I think she has a real ownership of that dress. We made many fun […]

Carol’s Regency and Romantic Dresses

By Jennie Chancey


I just wanted to show you the latest dress I finished for Olivia using the Regency pattern. I made it early in the spring for another project, but didn’t get around to finishing it because the girl I wanted to send it to, was no longer living there! So I saved it for Olivia and […]

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