1910 Woman’s World Fashion Feature


This delightful, four-page feature comes from the November 1910 issue of Woman’s World. It contains the latest patterns from Pictorial Review for both ladies and girls. The accompanying text provides detailed descriptions of each pattern, including appropriate fabrics and colors, as well as embroidery motifs. Lots of fun hairstyles and accessories to enjoy, too!

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Natalie’s “Beatrix” Skirt



  My goodness, I started this skirt November 30th, but finally it’s wearable. Am quite happy with it…the drape is lovely and oooh, it’s fun to wear. It’s made of a pretty worsted wool plaid in a soft green with red and yellow accents and blue undertones. I chose the trained version, and also opted […] Read more…

Carol’s Edwardian Apron


Edwardian apron Jan 21 08 (3).JPG edit

  It’s finished. Here I am wearing my new, much better fitting, Edwardian Apron. Thank you very much for all the improvements on this pattern. This is sure to become a favorite for me. ~ Carol. K. Note how Carol changed the straps to criss cross over the back and tie through loops on the […] Read more…

Carol’s "Beatrix" Skirt



Here are a couple pictures of the skirt I made using your Beatrix skirt pattern, inspired by Cattle Kate skirts! All I did was to take the back skirt piece and put it on the fold, backed away from the fold by about 2″. Then I made a placket in the back that is hidden […] Read more…

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