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I absolutely love your site! I bought the Regency era pattern to make my bridesmaid dresses, and loved it so much that I did my wedding dress out of that pattern, too. We bought the Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern as well to get the 3/4 length sleeves. We just used the Regency gown pattern as written except for the sleeves. My sister (the red-headed matron of honor) gave birth about a month before the wedding, so we had to guess at her sizes, and made it open in the front (using the guides online which were oh-so-helpful!). Even still, there was a gap in front, so she bought the little wrap at Wal-Mart the night before to cover it, and we think it fit pretty well with the dress.

The ribbon is just satin ribbon bought at a craft store. All of the dresses had a white cotton or muslin lining and the fabric on top is a thin cotton with satiny embroidery and tiny eyelets. The purple ones have a flowery pattern and mine is slightly different. Anyway, I thought they turned out beautifully! Thanks for helping our day be beautiful and economical (I did all three dresses, plus a dress for each of my nieces for about $100 all together, including patterns, ribbons, buttons, etc.).

Rebecca A.

So inspirational! I love wedding photos and stories. Beautiful!

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