Tiffani created a wonderful everyday Regency dress and an Edwardian apron from my patterns. She writes,

I was so thrilled to find your site. I actually ran across BakerLane first and decided that I’d tackle the sewing myself. Well, here’s the fruit of my labor. I’ve always been a “jeans and tennis shoe” girl, but I just LOVE how I feel when wearing my new dress and apron around the house. (I have 3 boys and am homeschooling the older 2.) Thank you sooo much for a wonderful design and extremely easy patterns to follow. One final note. The first day I wore my dress I was at my grandparent’s house and my 90 year-old grandfather told me he really liked my “snazzy new dress.” What a compliment coming from him, a man :). And the best part is, he didn’t know that I’d made it. He was just complimenting me on it. Thanks again and blessings to your family. ~Tiffani K.


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