Regency Bridal Shower Dress


I ordered the Regency Gown pattern in early summer and made a dress for my sister to wear at her bridal shower. It’s a cream-colored underdress with a light, almost see-through overdress, gathered neckline, embroidered in gold. I added details like satin ribbons sparingly, as to not ruin the simplicity of the cut. My sister is small, almost petite, and the dress was very flattering on her, and she and I were lavished with praise. I did her hair myself :) The entire day was a surprise for her, as is custom here in Sweden. We were all dressed up in Regency-style clothing (girls only) and kidnapped her early in the morning, dressed her and took her out by boat to a castle outside Uppsala for a picnic. Glorious sunshine all day long, and due to our dresses we didn’t have to pay the fee to enter the castle.


Can you imagine a more perfect surprise for your own bridal shower? What a special day!

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