Girl's and Doll's Pinafore and Pantaloons | Sense & Sensibility Patterns Doll's Pinafore and Pantaloons | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

Girl's Pinafore Detail | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

Girl's Pantaloons Detail | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

A few months ago I ordered some of your patterns and made a set for my niece for Christmas! I finally got the pictures! So first of all thank you so much! I am making an Etsy listing and was wondering if it would be possible for me to post pictures of your other patterns so that people can see what other kind of sets I can make. Let me know if that would be possible and thank you so much for your wonderful patterns!!!


Isn’t this too adorable? I love the matching doll’s outfit–down to the last detail of lace trimming. Wonderful work! As always, I do not charge a licensing fee for people to produce garments for sale from my patterns, so you are free to sell your creations on Etsy, eBay, and more. I do appreciate the kindness of a link back or a credit to the pattern source. It’s fun to see people create beautiful items from my patterns!

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