Mother-Daughter Regency Tea


Dear Mrs. Chancey,

I am sending you pictures of my mother and I wearing gowns which I sewed using the Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern. I am thrilled with the way they turned out, and they were so fun to sew! The “Elegant Lady’s” pattern is so wonderful, because there are an almost endless number of variations. For example, on my mother’s dress (the tan one), I gathered the front of the neck and then attached the binding for a round neckline instead of the semi-square drawstring option. On my lavendar dress, I moved the sleeve gathers from the back to the middle and gathered 3/4 of the neckline with elastic sewn in place. I also sewed my mother and I the chemises and stays from your Regency Underthings pattern. They are just great, and I like to wear the chemise as a nightgown.

Thank you for such a wonderful website and patterns!

God bless you!
Katrina C.

What great fun to see these delightful pictures of a mother-daughter Regency teatime! I love the colors of the gowns, and the fit of each one is impeccable. Fantastic sewing, Katrina!

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