Joelle’s Regency Ballgown & Spencer


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I am a French primary school teacher living in France who loves Jane Austen’s period. This summer, I found Jennie’s wonderful website surfing on internet. Then, I ordered the Regency Dress pattern and went on with it having in mind to go, once in my life and if my dress is a success, to a Jane Austen Festival in Bath. I have never had any sewing lessons in my life, I am just passionate by what I am doing.For the dress, turquoise pearls are sewn on lace which is itself sewn on turquoise organza ribbon.

When I finished the dress, I began a Spencer according to a picture taken in “Costume in Detail, 1730-1930″. The Spencer I have chosen is dated 1816, which could be made with Jennie’s dress pattern. I have just changed the collar. So, I went on. It was not easy, but it was great to do it. The sleeves of the Spencer are done with the same fabric than the one I have used for the dress. Now, I am sewing Regency chemise and stays; but being back to my work (summer holidays are over..snif…) I have not as much time as I would like to, since I am living alone with my three boys.

Really, thanks so much for your great esteem towards my work.

Very warmly,

Can you believe Joelle has never taken sewing lessons? This is exquisite work that shows yet again that, with enough passion and determination, anyone can sew and produce beautiful results! C’est si bon, Joelle!

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  1. Shelli Bennett
    February 16, 2009 at 4:42 pm (6 years ago)

    Beautiful work! I especially like the spencer – the neckline is unique and lovely.


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