Here are some pictures of my Pelisse, made for me to wear to a LARP event, using your lovely Regency Spencer pattern. It is made from an unusual taffeta with a pattern of tiny squares, found in the end-of line soft furnishings section of a local fabric shop. I cut two straight front panels, and a long rectangle for the back. I carefully pinned and pleated the back so it sticks out a little, ironing the pleats into place, although it was rather windy when the pictures were taken! I added some upholstery braiding for a simple trim.

I made a beret out of the scraps by stitching two circles together, one with a hole in the middle, turning them inside out, and slip-stitching the hole to band to sit on my head. I lined the bodice, but left the Pelisse unlined as it is warm enough to add an extra layer at night without being too heavy. I’m already working on my next gown!

Jessica N.

I love this, Jessica! Wonderful work. You really look like you stepped out of a Regency fashion plate. The beret is brilliant!

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