1920s Flapper Dress


This lovely flapper dress was sold on eBay by USVainen, a past seller whose knowledge of vintage fashion was astounding and whose descriptions were delightful. This seller graciously agreed to let me share her images and words on my site, and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I have! The description of this dress is detailed, so to read it in its entirety, you’ll need to click on the link at the end of the opening remark. Well worth the reading!

Circa 1926 Soft Pink Chiffon Beaded Flapper Gown. This is a very soft and feminine 80 year old flapper gown designed to capture the forgotten grace and beauty that the boyish shapes of the 1920s sheath style dresses left behind. The “knee-skimming” hemline of this dress dates it to the mid to late 1920s — from 1925-1927. Click here to continue the description!

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