Here are three fun features from 1908. The first is an article titled “What to Wear and What Not to Wear.” It includes illustrations and descriptive text to help ladies understand the principles of classic, simple elegance. Here’s a sampling: “There are certain laws of common-sense governing the question of good taste in clothes which are quite as inflexible as those recognized laws laid down by convention for a thousand and one other things to which we give serious attention; and yet many people, if accused of taking the question of clothes or fashion seriously, would feel that their intelligence or their serious purpose in life was being belittled. As a matter of fact, the laws of fashion–and of good taste–are laid along the same lines of classical simplicity that characterize many things besides clothes. The mistakes which women are apt to make are unfortunately not in the direction of simplicity….” Still rings true today, doesn’t it? 😉 Also includes is a page of “Seaside Dresses for the Children” and one showing beautiful bonnets, aprons, and booties “for the wee ones” by the excellent Mrs. Ralston.

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