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Original Photos of the actual Titanic Costumes

By Jennie Chancey


Back in early 1998, the J. Peterman company bought dozens of original costumes from “Titanic.” They created their own line of reproductions for purchase, but they also sold the originals to private collectors around the world. I am tickled pink to be able to share the pictures on this page, courtesy of the collectors who bought the original “jump” dress and pink “sinking” coat from Peterman!

Titanic on Tour Exhibit Photos

By Jennie Chancey


I had the opportunity to visit Paramount’s “Titanic” costume exhibit right before it left King’s Dominion near Richmond, Virginia, in 1999, and it was a treat! I took two disks full of photos with my digital camera, and I took another roll of photos with my film camera.

Sewing Help for the Titanic Dinner Dress

By admin


I have received numerous requests for help in re-creating Rose’s first class dinner gown, so I decided to put up some quickie sketches and detailed descriptions of the draping on this beautiful dress. I have seen the gown up close (it was behind a scrim, but I was able to see the side and part […]

Titanic Reproductions by J. Peterman

By Jennie Chancey


Updated December 9, 2000 – Newest images and info are at the top. December 9, 2000: These pictures have been graciously shared by Kimberly, who has her own site up at this link. Kimberly has collected almost all of the Peterman outfits, and her own site includes more information on these fantastic creations. The dress […]

‘Titanic’ Makers Apologize to Hero’s Hometown

By admin

By Helen Smith LONDON (Reuters) – The makers of the film “Titanic” have apologized to a Scottish town for turning its local hero into a villain, a British member of parliament said on Wednesday. The Oscar-sweeping Hollywood movie showed the Titanic’s first officer, William Murdoch, taking a bribe, shooting a third-class passenger who tried to […]

The Titanic Project

By Jennie Chancey


What do you get when you cross great film costumes with two high school seniors possessing exquisite taste in clothing? The answer is a challenging dressmaking project which will thoroughly involve the seamstress and keep her on her toes!

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