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Portrait of Lady Lydia Acland

By Jennie Chancey


This is a sumptuously beautiful portrait of Lady Lydia Acland and her two sons (yes, sons!). The original hangs in the Music Room of the Acland’s ancestral home, Killerton House, Broadclyst. Note Lady Acland’s Shawl, which is tucked into the gold band at the empire waist. I love the rich color of her gown as […]

Man’s Regency Suit

By Jennie Chancey


Here’s a dandy suit! WOW! Note how short the jacket is in front and how long the waistcoat is underneath. The rich maroon color of the jacket is truly striking, and the high standing collar is something, isn’t it? Note the tight fit of the breeches below the knee. This was the era when men […]

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