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Thank you!

By Jennie Chancey


Thank you so much for all the Kanga, dress, and necklace orders! We’ve now finished for this month, but I hope to send a new batch of Kangas home in the summer.

Diary of a Titanic Dress: Part Seven–The Big Reveal!

By Jennie Chancey


The Titanic Centenary Memorial dinner we attended on April 12 was a fantastic success. The event raised over $6000 for a community-based conservation effort on Kenya’s coast, and we ate an incredible meal reproduced from the last first-class dinner served on board the ship. Many of those in attendance dressed in retro fashions (including guys in […]

Diary of a Titanic Dress: Part Six–Finishing Up!

By Jennie Chancey


Well, our Internet went out last weekend and has been spotty this week, so I haven't had a chance to share the finishing of the dress until now. Your comments were all so helpful on the skirt options, and it was hard to decide how to arrange the overskirt, but I ended up going for expediency, as my deadline was fast approaching.

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