Took a wee bit longer than I’d hoped to get us back up and running, but here we are! I hope you’ll find the new site easier to navigate and easier on the eyes as well. What I’m most excited about is having an integrated shopping cart that doesn’t charge me a monthly fee, plus secure storage of all my digital items on Amazon’s S3 service, which cuts my hosting prices down, too. This means I’ve been able to lower the prices of all ePatterns and eBooks–something I’ve wanted to be able to do for quite a while now.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking around. Here are just a few hints to get you going:

  • All patterns, ePatterns, eBooks, Dollar Downloads, and classes have been grouped under “Shop” in the menu bar. Basically, anything you can purchase is now under “Shop” instead of spread around in other places (like “Resources”).
  • The newΒ Message Forum now fits across the full width of the screen, which makes it much easier to read and use.
  • There’s a tag cloud in the sidebar to help you locate specific items or posts. If you’re looking for a Show & Tell post that features Georgian patterns, you can click “Georgian” in the cloud to pull up everything tagged that way, including Show & Tell posts!
  • The shopping cart now appears in your sidebar and shows what you have added to it.

You’ll notice that I’ve still kept all patterns listed as posts instead of opting for a stripped-down “e-commerce”-style listing. The reason is that I love having people comment directly on a pattern post so that I can answer questions and allow others to benefit from all the shared knowledge. So that means pattern posts include a lot of extra “stuff,” but I think it’s better that way. Hope you agree!

I do have one thing left to change, and that’s the format of the galleries displayed in posts and on pages. The gallery plugin on my old site ceased functioning earlier this year, and I could never track down the code error, so I gave up on it. I’ve been researching other options, but most of them have scripting conflicts that cause the drop-down menus to malfunction, so, for now, I’m using the clunkier thumbnail gallery option. Just keep in mind that you can click on the first image in a gallery to pull up a lightbox and click through all the larger images that way.

And if you were an affiliate with my old shopping cart system (, sorry, but that program is now closed down. I will be starting up a new affiliate program the first of December. Until then, all incoming affiliate links will not generate any commissions, as they no longer function. I recommend simply removing affiliate links, as the new program will generate totally different ones. I apologize for the inconvenience, but that was part of moving to a new shopping cart system and couldn’t be helped. πŸ™

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them here or drop me a line! I’ll be happy to help. I will also greatly appreciate any “bug” reports if you run across broken links or cart buttons that behave badly!

Many thanks!



PS: I’ll get the ePatterns for the 1950s patterns up by Monday if all goes well. And I’ll be reformatting all ePatterns to work with the new (and vastly improved) Adobe Reader, which allows you to print tiled sheets with guidelines to assist in matching!

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    • Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, I can’t create a triple-tiered menu. If I put women’s under one and girls’ under separate categories, they each have to pull up another menu tier, which won’t function in most browsers (especially tablets and phones). Instead, click “Shop” in the menu (the word–not something in that drop-down menu). This pulls up a list of all pattern categories, and I’ve just added a link that will pull all the girls’ patterns into one listing for you. πŸ™‚

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