A customer wrote me earlier this year, asking for help with the ballgown sleeve in the Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern. She was having difficulty matching the underarm seams–finding she had “leftover” material at the top (or too little material at the narrow end of the sleeve). I discovered that the sleeve that ended up on the final pattern sheet was incorrectly scaled, so I sent the original sleeve to my laser plotter to have the grading done properly from the correct starting point.

I just received the scan of the replacement sleeve, so I’ve created a special download PDF. To get the replacement sleeve (in all sizes), click this link, and that will give you a printable PDF to tape together. Thanks for your patience while the changes were being made!

12 comments on “Ballgown Sleeve Replacement for the Elegant Lady’s Closet”

  1. I can only say I’m happy that the mistake was discovered in the end, because I would love to buy that pattern one day in the future, I really like it… although right now I really can’t afford another project, I’d like to get to this one eventually. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the correction, Mrs. Chancey. I will be making a dress from that pattern soon and the correct sleeve will be helpful!:)

    • Well, ladies, it’s thanks to the sharp eyes of customers that these things most often come to light! Even when I have two other testers try out my new patterns, the three of us can still manage to miss “oopses!” I’m thankful for the lovely customers who take a moment to drop me a line when they’ve found something “off” so I can fix it. 🙂

    • Hello! Yes, you do still need it. Because of a file format difference, I have not been able to add the correct sleeve to the pattern sheet yet. I have to get a physical print-out of it and paste it onto the sheet for a re-scan. I’m still waiting for the print-out from the plotter. I plan to email the new piece in PDF format to everyone who has ordered this pattern once it is ready. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Thank you for the correction. It came just in time. I am making the crosover dress with ballgown sleeves and I have just cut out the pattern pieces of the bodice for my muslin.
    On the new version, the dotted line to indicate the gathering is missing at the side of the armband. I just copied it from my old pattern and I hope this will work.

  4. So if I recut two new sleeves (thankfully I have enough material) should the underarm seams match on the dress and sleeve (Regency Crossover). Is the * supposed to line up with the back bodice seam?
    PS: I am using the 3/4 l3ngth sleeve – do I just copy the top of the sleeve and then continue with the remaining sleeve?

    • Hi, Diane! If you are using the 3/4-length sleeve, you do not need to recut anything. The change is to the shape of the ballgown sleeve. There are no changes to the shape of the 3/4-length sleeve. The “*” marking matches the underarm seam on the bodice–not the side back seam on the bodice. Hope this helps!

  5. Jennie – I’m still confused about the sleeve in general and at this point I don’t even know which is the front or teh back. If I put the “*” on the underarm seam where should the sleeve seam end up towards the back or towards the front.

  6. Got it – I basted my second sleeve in this way and the fit is fine so I just need to redo the first sleeve – luckily it’s just basted not sewn.

    • Diane, I realized you might also have the earliest version of this pattern, which is missing the sleeve markings (front and back). I will be happy to send you the revision PDF if you’d like to have it. Just drop me a line through the contact form. Thanks!

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