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Shirley Temple Flower Girl Photos

By Jennie Chancey


The photo with Shirley posing as a flower girl shows those ruffly early 1930s designs. Look at all the frou-frou on the wedding gown and bridesmaid gown! Shirley’s mother designed and made Shirley’s gown for this photo shoot. At the far right is a profile shot of Shirley wearing the same dress. Thanks to Rita […]

1938 Shirley Temple Photo

By Jennie Chancey


Here is a scrap from my own collection, showing Shirley on the set of “Just Around the Corner.” What I love about children’s fashions of the 1930s are the crisply tailored lines and delightful design details. Notice Shirley’s ruffled pinafore that isn’t “fussy” and the ribbon bows on the bodice front.

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