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Julia’s Queen Anne’s Lace Gloves

By Jennie Chancey


Hi! I just completed the Queen Anne’s Lace Gloves. The pattern was clear and easy to follow. I am very pleased with how the Queen Anne’s Lace Gloves turned out. When I read that one of the suggested colors was pink I was in! I made a few modifications to the pattern. I started with […]

Neko’s Green Taffeta 1780s Dress

By Jennie Chancey

Neko, Green Taffeta Pic 2

My niece, Neko, loves dresses and has fairly expensive taste. It is a good thing her auntie can sew. I had lucked out last year and found 10 yards of green taffeta for just $1.00 a yard. I bought all of it just waiting for the right pattern to come along, so when I came […]

Order Fulfillment Closed ’til January 2nd

By Jennie Chancey

We wish you a beautiful Christmas and Happy 2013! Order Fulfillment is on vacation through January 1st, so any orders placed in the next ten days will be shipped on the 2nd. We do have our annual end-of-year sale coming up on December 26, so stay tuned! (Remember that ePatterns and eBooks are available at […]

Happy Holidays!

By Jennie Chancey

Just a friendly reminder that Order Fulfillment shuts down over Christmas and New Year’s, so if you’d like to have anything shipped prior to January 2nd, please order by 10am Eastern Time Friday (21st). Thanks, and have a wonderful Christmas and beautiful 2013! Warmly,

Beautiful East African Kangas on eBay this month!

By Jennie Chancey

I sent two more batches of Kanga fabric to the States with friends this year (hurrah for donated checked luggage!). I’ve listed about a dozen on eBay this weekend and will continue to list more into next week until they’re all up. These make wonderful Christmas gifts! Kanga (CAHN-ga) cloths provide a lot of the […]

We have a winner!

By Jennie Chancey


Thank you to everyone who voted, commented, and shared the images over on Facebook Sunday and Monday. It was fun to watch the tally, as people took sides and gave their reasons for their favorite image. In the end, this photo was the clear winner with 126 likes and 43 comments.

Ladies’ 1958 Party Dress Pattern

By Jennie Chancey


I’ve had many requests from customers for an easy dress pattern that even a beginner could tackle. When the 1950s won my fashion era poll in late 2010, I decided to create something that would provide glamorous results without tears for beginners and also satisfy long-time vintage fashion enthusiasts. I hope this pattern fills the bill!

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