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Regency Costumes for a Group

By Jennie Chancey


Hi I wanted to send through some pictures of the dresses I made from your patterns for a role-playing convention over Easter. The team I play in always costumes, and this year we chose the theme Regency, so I searched found and bought your patterns. I found them very easy to make and very fast […]

1940s Leading Ladies

By Jennie Chancey


A trio of beautiful leading ladies from the 1940s, looking so glamorous. Left to right: Gene Tierney looks smashing in her evening gown with cape and matching gloves; Veronica Lake (known for her trademark hairstyle) shows off a softly-draped evening gown; Myrna Loy looks cool and chic in her street dress with contrasting pockets.

1940 and 1941 Shirley Temple

By Jennie Chancey


What a change a year can make! Shirley Temple goes from “toddler” clothes in the 1940 publicity shot at left to the cleanly tailored, young lady look of 1941. Vive’ la Difference! I love the crispness of the outfit on the right and just wish we had a full-length view to see what the skirt […]

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