Month: October 2010

Morgan’s Romantic “Molly” Ensemble


Hello Jennie! First of all, thank you so much for creating such beautiful patterns! I am a 19 year-old, self-taught seamstress, and I have made two dresses from your Simplicity Regency pattern (I am hoping to upload some pictures of those dresses in the future), and I recently finished creating this dress from your Romantic […] Read more…

Naomi’s Edwardian Aprons


Thank you so much for providing this lovely apron pattern. One day while watching The Masterpiece Theatre’s utterly perfect rendition of “Pollyanna,” I promised myself I would one day find an Edwardian apron pattern similar Nancy’s (the maid). I hunted high and low until I remembered seeing an apron pattern here and, to my great […] Read more…

“When Buying New Frocks” and “Fashions for Women of Varied Tastes”



This Dollar Download includes two fun features. The first, entitled, “When Buying New Frocks,” is jam-packed with advice for the Edwardian woman seeking to build an appropriate wardrobe on a reasonable budget. Another short feature, “Fashions for Women of Varied Tastes” (ca. 1909) has also been included.

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