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1914 Afternoon Dress

By Jennie Chancey

Williamsburg-Saturday 137

This is my 1914 Afternoon Dress, which was inspired by an original design in a 1914 home economics textbook (see next-to-last image in the slideshow). It is a wonderful pattern for everything from everyday linen dresses to ethereal, filmy teagowns!

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The Sewing Book by Butterick (1913)

By Jennie Chancey

1913 Sewing Book Sample

Beneath the unassuming cover awaits a treasure trove of sewing knowledge! This wonderful book was created to instruct girls in basic to advanced sewing, beginning with simple hand stitches, then advancing through projects that increase in difficulty–from simple hems and repairs to aprons, a nightgown, underthings, a middy dress, and more.

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