May 2009 archive

1920s Flapper Dress

By Jennie Chancey


This lovely flapper dress was sold on eBay by USVainen, a past seller whose knowledge of vintage fashion was astounding and whose descriptions were delightful. This seller graciously agreed to let me share her images and words on my site, and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I have! The description of this […]

Original 1920s Lucile Designs

By Jennie Chancey


Here are two original designs by Lucile, Lady Duff-Gordon. These images were generously given to me by Randy Bryan Bigham, who is in the process of authoring the first full-scale biography of Lucile. Please see my Lucile Page for more about Lady Duff-Gordon and her designs! (Sketches through the Fashion Institute of Technology.)

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