May 2009 archive

Ca. 1913 Tea Gown

By Jennie Chancey


This is a marvelous original tea gown or afternoon dress ca. 1913. My model posed in it for me while we were having tea in the Ritz-Carlton’s sumptuous tea room! This dress features the overskirts that became so popular in the early ‘teens and has wonderful sleeves with cuffs matching the collar. Flowered pink silk […]

ca. 1913 Wedding Gown

By Jennie Chancey


This stunning gown was sold on eBay by USVainen, a seller (sadly, retired now) whose knowledge of vintage fashion was astounding and whose descriptions were delightful. This seller graciously agreed to let me share her images and words on my site, and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did! The description is […]

Extant Titanic-Era Garments

By Jennie Chancey


I costumed a new Titanic documentary, titled “Women and Children First,” in April of 1998. Here are two of the extras used in the filming (the one on the left is yours truly, complete with vintage glasses!). The dress on the right is straight out of a 1912 ladies’ catalog and features beautiful draping and […]

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