April 1999 archive

Original Photos of the actual Titanic Costumes

By Jennie Chancey


Back in early 1998, the J. Peterman company bought dozens of original costumes from “Titanic.” They created their own line of reproductions for purchase, but they also sold the originals to private collectors around the world. I am tickled pink to be able to share the pictures on this page, courtesy of the collectors who bought the original “jump” dress and pink “sinking” coat from Peterman!

Titanic on Tour Exhibit Photos

By Jennie Chancey


I had the opportunity to visit Paramount’s “Titanic” costume exhibit right before it left King’s Dominion near Richmond, Virginia, in 1999, and it was a treat! I took two disks full of photos with my digital camera, and I took another roll of photos with my film camera.